• Works with circulation to improve stiffness and pain.
 • Can leave marks (darker = poorer muscle condition, longer fading time)
 • Not painful very safe.
What is Cupping  
Suction cups vacuum to the surface of the skin. The suction increases the flow of blood to the area. This can be helpful in the healing process as poor/decreased circulation can result in pain and delayed healing time. The process of cupping has actions beyond simple increase of circulation: 
 • Release of intracellular waste; normal waste products in-between cells can build up in the body if circulation is impaired, cupping can help to move and metabolise this material.
 • Stimulation; strong cupping can produce a slightly unpleasant sensation which when released results in a reduction of initial pain or discomfort.
 • Fascia remodelling; stimulate the change in the all-important facia of the body. The stuff that holds muscles and organs together.
 • Restoring sliding surfaces; most manual therapies on the body are limited to compressing tissue against the body hoping to relax the tissue, cupping is one of the few treatments that helps separate the various muscle fibres and other tissues by drawing superficial layers upward.

Cupping techniques can often leave marks on the skin after the treatment. The colour of the markings and the time taken for them to disappear also helps give an indication of a person’s health. Pale or absent marks tend to indicate better circulation and muscle quality than darker marks which take longer to disappear.

The marks left on the skin can be unsightly to some people however they are very safe and while they may be slightly tender, they are harmless. Most texts recommend keeping the marks covered while outside. They are nowhere near as painful as they look. Effects of cupping will last well after the treatment as markings begin to subside. Cupping is especially useful for tight muscles and various kinds of acute and chronic pain.

 Cupping is not appropriate in all situations and is recommended on a case by case basis by qualified practitioners.