Frequently Asked Questions

Acupuncture Guy where have you moved to?
 The Acupuncture Guy clinic has moved to Ashgrove. Come in and check us out at the home of the Witch Doctor “NRCHI”. click here for more information.
What is Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is the therapy of inserting needle into the body. Acupuncture has been around for a long time and is just one part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The stimulation of very specific points on the body increases its ability to heal. These points (Acupoints) can be activated by thermal chemical or physical stimulus. So there is no need to hesitate if you are afraid of needles, there are other very gentle methods such as moxa which can be used in place of needles.
How does Acupuncture work?
Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s own healing resources. This makes Acupuncture remarkably safe as nothing potentially harmful is introduced to the body. A classic example of this dates back to 1970; patients were being treated with Acupuncture for drug withdrawal symptoms (e.g. nausea, tremor, anxiety). 20 min after beginning treatment the symptoms disappeared. More recently its understood this process is related to the internal production of naturally occurring opioids within the body. The natural opioid production is stimulated by Acupuncture and they then bind to the opioid receptors on the surface of the cell alleviating the cells withdrawal reaction. For more information on this top see “NADA Protocol”.
Does it hurt?
 Acupuncture treatment does not have to hurt, needles don’t even have to be used. A treatment can be as gentle or as strong as the patient is comfortable with. Different types of conditions will respond differently to varied intensities of treatment. Often if a stronger treatment is required the patient wouldn’t perceive it as painful.
Do Acupuncturists only use needles?
No, Acupuncturists are really Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and as such, have a wide variety of treatment options available to them. Treatments can include any number of techniques including Moxibustion, Massage, Cupping, Herbal Therapy, Bleeding (yes, that uses a needle), Nutrition and Therapeutic Exercise. Which techniques are used will depend on the individual’s condition.
Is Acupuncture safe?
 In the hands of an experienced Acupuncturist, Acupuncture is absolutely safe, and can even be safer than taking a course of potentially addictive or side effect riddled medication. However in the hands of an under qualified practitioner there is a risk of organ puncture which can be life threatening. To avoid such a risk always check you acupuncturist is registered with the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) or the Chinese Medical board of Australia(CMBA).
What is Moxa?
 Moxa is short for Moxibustion, it is an herb which acupuncturist often use to warm the area of an acupuncture point. The heat from the herb stimulates the acupuncture point in a similar way as an acupuncture needle. It can be used in combination with needles or by itself. Moxa has a long history of being an effective pain reliever in conditions such as abdominal pain, period pain and muscular inflammation.
How do you know where to put the needles?
 Acupuncture needles are usually inserted into acupuncture points which cover the surface of the body. They are located using visible land marks such as the belly button or inside of the shoulder blade. Several different classes of Acupuncture points exist although The World Health Organisation recognises 359 standard acupuncture points. The points chosen for your treatment will depend on the condition being treated and the acupuncturist’s experience.
 What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?
 Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Acupuncture, Massage, Exercise, Herbal medicine and Nutrition are all part of Traditional Chinese medicine. Its scope is very large, the same way that “Western medicine” covers most modern health practices (e.g. radiology, surgery, physiotherapy).
Is there something in the Acupuncture needles?
 There is never anything in or on the surface of the needle. The needle is required by law to be sterile and all most all acupuncture needles are single use. Only the handle of the needle may be touched by the clean soft hands of the Acupuncturist. The needles are simply used to stimulate the body’s own healing. So where most western medicine relies on medication/drugs being put into the body, Traditional Chinese Medicine recognises that often the body already has the resources to heal, it’s just a matter of starting that process.
What conditions are not appropriate for treatment?
 Any emergency or acutely life threatening condition is not appropriate for acupuncture treatment. Additionally seizure disorders, traumatic injury, haemorrhage, malignant tumors, psychosis and myocardial infarction. It’s a general recommendation that all serious health concerns are first examined by a General Practitioner Doctor. In some serious conditions Acupuncture can be a helpful adjunct in combination with other therapies.
Are health fund rebates available with Acupuncture?
 Absolutely, we have a HiCaps terminal at reception and rebates can be dealt with immediately following treatment. All practitioners are registered/recognised health professionals.
Is Acupuncture included in WorkCover Queensland?
From the first of July 2014 Acupuncture has been included in the WorkCover Queensland schedule. This means that if you have been injured at work and are receiving or are eligible for WorkCover compensation, Acupuncture can be included as part of your treatment. When you receive WorkCover you are in charge of who you see for treatment. You are not obligated to see the practitioner or modality recommended by the doctor or employer. The doctor told me not to get Acupuncture with my WorkCover. Once your doctor decides you are eligible for WorkCover you are in control of whom you see. Even if someone particular is recommend the final decision rest with you, the patient. So if you have been injured at work why not come in and find out how Acupuncture can help. I don’t even know how to start getting better. That’s ok you don’t have to. Your practitioner will know. The first step is getting in for an appointment and we’ll fill in the rest. If you are tired of dealing with health stress, if you want to start getting better today take that first step and book an appointment now. You’ll be amazed at the health changes that can take place in just a short time.
Whats the deal with the free consultation?
 At The Acupuncture Guy we realize that not everyone has experience with Acupuncture so we have created a free consultation where you can come in and have your health issues assessed and questions about Acupuncture answered. You can also expect to be given the odds of an acupuncture treatment being effective for your specific condition and a treatment plan. The consultation is not a treatment, it is a risk free Q & A session.
What does Acupuncture treat, will Acupuncture work for …..?
 Acupuncture can treat a large variety of disease, so there is a good chance that it will help you. While disease specific information available through this website is expanding why not just give us a call and find out, phone, email or text.  
  Phone & Text: 0466 424 588